The Next Best Thing to Fresh Fruit and Vegetable

By Carl H. Pohle

I was a professional pilot for many years, with sailing as a hobby.

My kids brought home all kinds of flu-like infections, and it’s not allowed to fly when you’re sick with one. Without treatment, it took 7 days, with treatment a week 😉 , with the usual course of illness from “day 1” (first symptoms) to “day 8” (everything is fine again)… Whoever is aware of the deployment plan and remuneration system for pilots knows how negative an illness report can be.

“Fruit and vegetables, 5 times a day – also on board” became my motto, on an airplane and on a boat. At least as a substitute as close to nature as possible, whenever fresh products were hard to get or store.

I found products with reasonable pricing in small packages, good to go into pilot’s flight kits and sailor’s bags. Produced by a company that started as a small business in 1993 and has become a successful global player in more than 20 countries. Since I regularly use their products, “day 8” normally follows immediately after “day 1” 😉 – brilliant! Occasional infections are of course not absent if one maintains social contacts, but the effects remain much less with me. On aeroplanes and boats, I never ran out of a good supply of high-quality nutrients again.

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