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We planned to sail the world with a small crew, but ended up enjoying the Baleares with families and friends…

After an extensive search of several years, we found “Lady Summerfield” on the Azores. This boat seemed perfectly built to let our dream come true to safely sail the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

She was dreamed, designed and constructed in New Zealand, but her builder had to resign from sailing too soon after she was launched.

The second owner bought the ship and sailed it to the Azores. He reported: „ … the Pacific is not a hurdle to be crossed for the sake of getting to the other side. It is an ocean studded with delightful islands and peopled with equally delightful islanders. After 2 years, “Lady Summerfield” brought us safely to the Azores Islands in Europe. In the following Year’s (2008 – 2011), we crossed the Atlantic during winter times, cruised the Caribbean waters and returned to Europe the following summer. During more than 30.000 nautical miles, we enjoyed the quality of “Lady Summerfield” and always felt very safe in every weather condition. „Lady Summerfield” is the perfect boat for long-distance cruisers.”

Sailing with him from the Azores to Mallorca in 2014, we could confirm the qualities of “Lady Summerfield”. The North Atlantic winds and waters can be powerful, but “Lady Summerfield“ proved her strengths during the passage more than one time.

We were happy to be her next owners. However, after some seasons around Mallorca, we decided to stay there for the next few years, needing more accommodation for friends and family on board.

We are now looking forward to giving “Lady Summerfield” a chance to sail long range with a new owner.

Might “Lady Summerfield” be the right boat for you?

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